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Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Since 2016, Zuma Energia has focused on developing and operating large-scale renewable energy projects. Currently we generate over 1.1 GW per year.

Wholesale Power Market

We enter short-term transactions with retailers, brokers, and end users for the different products recognized in the Electric Industry Act (energy, capacity and/or clean-energy certificates).

Power Purchase Agreements

We operate assets through medium and long-term Power Purchase Agreements that offer price stability to customers while helping them reduce their CO2 emissions and meet their clean-energy goals. We offer traditional Power Purchase Agreements with retailers as well as virtual PPAs with end users.

Smart Energy

Smart Energy

We provide user-side energy solutions and energy combinations, such as solar PV with storage, to reduce energy consumption in our customers’ facilities. Our solutions allow industrial parks, factories, and commercial buildings to improve energy use through efficient and integrated solutions that require no investment or down payment.

Distributed generation

We offer on-site power generation to reduce our customers’ electricity bills, increase efficiency and achieve sustainability targets.


We offer battery energy-storage solutions of different capacities to provide additional savings in our customers’ electricity bills, provide backup services and reduce energy quality issues.

Energy efficiency

We provide different solutions to reduce and monitor energy consumption in our customer’s facilities and allow them to streamline their operations and reduce inefficiencies.

EV Solutions

EV Solutions

SPIC, along with strategic truck-manufacturing partners, has developed a technological solution to reduce idle time caused by the charging of electric vehicles. Through our battery-swap solution, a heavy-duty electric vehicle can have a fully charged battery in under 5 minutes.

Wide variety of solutions

Together with our strategic partners, SPIC has developed over 50 vehicle products for transportation, logistics, construction and mining operations.

Ideal for closed-loop routes such as urban logistics, ports, and open-pit mining facilities.

Cost effective

Reduce initial investment for truck owners by leasing the batteries and battery-swap charging stations.

Obtain up to 30% in annual operational savings by reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs versus traditional fuel or gas vehicles.


Centralized control.

Monitoring of battery health in real-time.

Battery maintenance during the whole life-cycle.